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Big Band Era

Big Band Era 29/30

Sometimes a trip to a local thrift store may pay of with an interesting findings. As for this time I fond an almost entire collection of “The Greatest Recordings of the Big Band Era”...

John Berberian - Oud Artistry

Oud Artistry of John Berberian

“… this set should appeal, not only to belly dancers, but also to jazz fans with an ear for the unusual.” So Cash Box, the widely respected record industry trade paper, summed up John...

the armenian jazz sextet harem dance

Armenian Jazz Sextet

This 45 record I got from ebay and contains two records, one per side. Harem Dance. Traditional Armenian dance instrumental. Pretty Girl. Traditional Armenian song.

The Big Fiz

The big fizz

I found this record in a box with other records that I put away long time ago (couple years ago) with the intention to check them out later. Well the “later” came and I...

George Feyer - Echoes of Paris

More Echoes of Paris

We received a letter from Hong-Kong yesterday which said in part “your Echoes are really excellent recordings — please accept our congratulations on your achievement.” Since the issuance of Feyer’s first record a little...



This was a good find and a trip to local record store wasn’t waste of time for this record alone. The Record cover doesn’t provide much information. I looked up few places and found...

Hits From Latin America

Hits From Latin America

Juan Del Oro and his orchestra South America – Take it away. Juan leads his orchestra through all the fireworks and sensuality that has been thrilling audiences for twenty years in Rio. Hits from...

Beer Barrel Polka

Beer Barrel Polka

WILL GLAHE AND HIS ORCHESTRA Internationally famous accordion soloist and band-leader Will Glahe makes his debut in phase 4 stereo with a vivid musical portrayal of the sights and scenes of Bavaria and neighboring...

Mary Martin, Ethel Merman

Mary Martin, Ethel Merman

The actual recording of the duet from the Ford 50th anniversary television show (recorded during telecast).as produced by LELAND HAYWARD • staged by JEROME ROBBINS conducted and arranged by JAY BLACKTON. There’s no business...

George Feyer Hollywood

Echoes of Hollywood

BILLBOARD, April 1954 noted the release of another Feyer record with this comment: “He plays in an unaffectedly simple manner which is almost a definition of sophisticated taste”. This simplicity — so easy to...