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Cesar Gonzmart and his Magic Violins with the golden voice of Pepe Urquiaga

Dining at the Columbia

From 1936 on the Columbia has provided music during the evening hours for those who enjoy dancing and in February of 1963 the strolling violins were added to the already well-filled entertainment calendar. This...

Hits From Latin America

Hits From Latin America

Juan Del Oro and his orchestra South America – Take it away. Juan leads his orchestra through all the fireworks and sensuality that has been thrilling audiences for twenty years in Rio. Hits from...

Echoes of Latin America

Echoes of Latin America

Saludos! After his sensational Echoes of Paris (VX 500), Echoes of Vienna (VX 550), Echoes of Italy (VX 620) and Echoes of Broadway (VX 650), George Feyer is happy to oblige with Echoes of...

Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla – Live

The “Nuevo Tango” evolved from the traditionally sung tango, which was played as dance music. The nuevo tango (literally “new tango”), which originated in Buenos Aires in 1955 owes its development to the new...

Soledad Bravo

Cantos de Venezuela

La cubierta de este disco reproduce la obra “Familia Andina”, oleo (1943) del pintor venezolano Hector Poleo, y pertenece a la coleccion permanente del Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de America Latina, Washington, D. C.