Welcome to www.recordsfromshelf.com. I started this website as a support site to my youtube video channel where I mostly upload materials that I transfer from vinyl records.
Listening to records is my hobby and I just like the sound that this particular media reproduces. Only problem is that bringing a record player, amplifier and cables to work space looked little strange and I decided to transfer some of those records to digital domain.
Although, they are number of solutions exits to transfer records to digital domain, including turntables with USB interface, I decided to use my older Vestax turntable for transfers. Luckily for me, I am also a co owner of a recording studio (www.ergrecords.com) and have access to industry standard digital converters like digidesign, focusrite, tascam etc. This way I get the most satisfying sound from my records. I digitize with a higher quality then CD (48kHz instead 44).
Finally, I ended up uploading them to youtube, so I can have access to my records from different locations.
After a while I start getting some visitors and very positive comments. Some people would ask for more information about particular record. Although youtube is a great place but it is little limited when it comes to controlling layout, so I decided to support my channel and hobby creating this blog where I can publish some additional information and pictures about records I listen to.
Please feel free to browse my website and leave comments. Few people came across my channel and asked me later to transfer their records to digital domain. I deiced to use studio downtime to digitize other peoples vinyl record collections, so they can easily import them to ipods, iphones, mp3 players, iCloud and sure youtube if they would like to. Check out my services page for more information.
If you leave in Colorado, close to Denver, you may contact me and drop you collection personally at my location for digitizing.